Team Leaders Role

When working in teams, each individual will have a particular role. This blog looks at the Role of the Team Leader.

The primary role is to manage and develop individual performance. This means:

  • Understanding the Performance Management process and the value it provides.
  • Managing Performance in the broader context of the climate we create as team leaders of our human resources, using the most effective leadership styles.
  • Committing to conducting regular, meaningful and motivating performance discussions with all members of the team to:
  • Develop clear Performance Agreement & Development Plans (PADPs)
  • Review performance, and
  • Provide day to day specific and effective feedback
  • Adopting a coaching style to provide clarity of purpose and expectations for all members of the team.
  • Using practical tools to support the performance management process.                                                                                                      

All team leaders are responsible for ensuring their team members are clear on business strategy; team objectives and deliverables; individual roles and responsibilities; and expectations and standards relating to levels of performance.

Specifically, these accountabilities include:

  • Improving clarity of what is expected by ensuring, goals, policies, procedures and lines of authority are clearly articulated and understood.
  • Holding people accountable for results
  • Keeping them informed of business results and plans
  • Career development and coaching
  • Ensuring a current PADP is in place for each team member
  • Providing recognition and specific regular performance feedback throughout the year
  • Completing a formal mid-year feedback review discussion
  • Completing a year-end feedback review discussion
  • Recommending a rating for each team member
  • Ensuring each team member has their confirmed rating communicated

This is a topic which is covered in the Pivot Institute’s Fundamentals of Management program. For further information please contact Keva on (08) 9221 1803.


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