Emails, emails emails…very quick tips

In today’s society, we are prone to use emails or social network to communicate, in both or professional and personal lives. How are we coming across? Often, our messages or tone can be misinterpreted by the recipient. We have combined a few helpful hints to write successful emails.

1. Announce what it’s about.
2. Provide context.
3. Omit anything you come up with in the heat of emotion.
4. Remember that no matter how you send it, e-mail is as private as a postcard slapped to the noticeboard. Use formatting for readability. Include bolded headings, bullet points, and numbered lists and insert blank lines between paragraphs-to allow readers to scan for your main points.
5. Be sensitive to language and culture differences. Avoid statements that require knowledge of the local sports star, pop-music icon, or lunch dish.
6. Set the right tone.
7. Revise before sending.
8. Try calling instead. If your goal is to check the progress of a task and give someone a chance to respond with questions, a call would accomplish this while allowing each person to hear the other’s tone of voice.
9. Include deadlines when you first make a request.
10. Be conversational.
11. Simplify the Structure: cut anything that illuminates something other than your main point.
12. Stick to Specifics
13. Use formatting: you might think that illustrations and headings will eat up space, but in fact they can reduce how many words you need to get your message across.
14. Headings, Tables Maps and Diagrams help…a lot.
15. Boldface type when really important.
16. Down-shift your tone. Another way to downshift your tone is to speak directly to your audience, using personal pronouns such as “you.”
17. Cut and Combine: Look for ways to cut words by combining sentences.