Effective and Ineffective Delegation Behaviours

To delegate appropriately, check that the selected team members are trained and competent, will­ing and confident.  This may be team members who are already competent and willing to do the job; or it may be someone who does not yet know how to do it and will need training.



Effective and Ineffective Delegation Behaviours
o   Be sure you know exactly what you want accomplished before delegating work.

o   Be sure you know the team member/team has the ability to carry out the task/project.

o   Distribute tasks and instructions fairly among team members.

o   Be consistent with what is to be done and the standards required.

o   Make sure one task is completed before giving more.

o   Ensure that the assignment is understood and will be carried out willingly.

o   Follow up to see that your directions have been carried out in the desired manner and to the specified or expected time and quality standards.

o   Assume that after you have delegated, it will be carried out to your satisfaction.

o   Be careless or offhand if you want team members/team to take you seriously.

o   Assume that a team member/team can do the job or understands what is expected. Double check!

o   Get order-happy.

o   Give orders unnecessarily to make you appear important.

o   Give all the good jobs or the unpopular jobs to the same people all the time.

o   Overwork some team members because they will accept your directions with less fuss than others.


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